PhEm Special Issue: Feeling Medusa: Tentacular Troubling of Academic Positionality, Recognition and Respectability

Taking up on Donna Haraway’s concept of String Figuring, or SF (2016), this article explores what it means—and, most importantly, what it does—to be a feminist academic in higher education. This eight-handed piece of research cuts deep into the tentacular recesses of gender, respectability, recognition, and more generally the entanglements bringing trouble into higher-ed spaces.

PhEm Special Issue: Encounters with glitter

In this special edition on PhEMaterialisms, Jayne Osgood and Rebecca Coleman wrote a paper based on a workshop they organised in 2018. They worked around a seemingly unassuming object that, when looked at more closely, enables reflection and experimentation in arts-based and care-inspired new materialist feminisms: glitter.

PhEm Special Issue: Editorial

This blog post is the first of a series showcasing the 14 articles from this special issue with the editorial team. The series will include exclusive quotes getting deeper into the thoughts, feelings, motivations, and challenges faced by the authors in the SI as they were writing their contribution— a sort of “how it’s made” paragraph showing the behind-the-scenes of what it means to be a PhEM researcher.


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