FEEL: a new research lab

Welcome to our brand new lab’s official website!

We are a group of academics and students dedicated to research and experiment with feminist engagement and education.

The lab is based in the Institute of Education at UCL, but we welcome affiliates from all around the world.

Watch this space for blog posts and events.

F is for Feminist: intersectional and inclusive, learning from the past but also directed towards the future of gender and sexual equality. An activist disruption of normative violence.

E is for Educational: not only what we learn academically, or education as a field of research, but also education writ large — public pedagogy.

E is for Engagement: a cause that matters to people, a cause that people can believe in and disseminate. The embodiment of feminist affect into activist matter.

L is for Lab: a supportive space to experiment and research as a group. Building a rhizome of connected threads.

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